peat1 «peet», noun.
1. a kind of heavy turf made of partly rotted moss and other plants, especially sphagnum moss. It is used as a fertilizer or especially as fuel in Ireland, Great Britain, and other parts of the world where there are many peat bogs. »

Climatic changes may be detected in shifts in the kinds of trees and plants surrounding a bog as reflected in changing pollens in the levels of peat (Harper's).

2. a piece of this, usually cut in the shape of a brick, and dried for use as fuel: »

The fireplace…was fed in winter with sticks and peats brought by the solars (Ian Maclaren).

[Middle English pete < Medieval Latin (England) peta, apparently Scottish; origin uncertain]
peat´like´, adjective.
peat2 «peet», noun.
Archaic. a pet or darling (used of a woman or girl).
[probable variant of pet]

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